FT.com / Reports – Favourite employers: ‘It’s still hip to drive a nice car’

If you think second life happens behind the pearly gates or “here comes the boss” is a signal to to get on with your work then you are probably a little behind the times for IBM.

The IT giant may date back to 1924 but it is so 21st century that career briefings are conducted on Second Life, the virtual economy on-line game. It has a presence on all the big social networking sites and posts videos on the herecomestheboss career site.

Pushing out its message to the younger generation rather than expecting students to seek it out is one of the reasons IBM has maintained its position as one of the top five most attractive employers for engineering and IT graduates, says the company.

IBM is second only to Google, a relative newcomer launched 12 years ago, in the engineering and IT section of the 2008 European student barometer conducted by Trendence involving 62,000 students at 600 universities in 20 countries.

via FT.com / Reports – Favourite employers: ‘It’s still hip to drive a nice car’


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