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Is your reputation at stake? Then learn to manage it.
A good reputation is the product of consistent and positive interactions built up over time. Establishing a good reputation is straightforward: make and keep commitments and attract the positive perceptions of the people who know you. Specific ways of making and keeping commitments, and gathering positive perceptions.
While the concepts of commitment and perception are easily grasped, the key to establishing a good reputation is to apply them as effectively as possible. Commitment and perception are two types of interactions that generate relationship capital. Relationship Capital generates reputation.
Building a good reputation is the product of consistent and positive interactions built up over time. A good reputation is forged by productive conversations and following through with commitments.
So what kind of actions will help you building a strong reputation?
Character and attitude is the ultimate reputation builders, doing what you committed to. An easy motto is to practice is to underpromise and overdeliver. Also, be willing to admit when you are wrong and to rectify a problem will win you the loyalty of friends and colleagues alike.
When you present yourself in the best light, whether virtually or physically, people get a sense of your own self respect. A groomed appearance, genuine interest in the people you come into contact with, clear communication style and a positive attitude will do much to foster your reputation in anothers mind.

The thing to understand about your reputation is that it precedes and follows you everywhere. As you start out in life and begin building your reputation, people tend remember you with every exchange they have and you want that to be as positive as possible. If you acquire a bad reputation, it can seriously impact your professional prospects. People need to know you are trustworthy. If you establish reputation as an ethical and responsive person, the likelihood that people will put opportunities in your path are greatly increased.


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