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As Detroit home prices in Detroit crash, sales are heating up. But with all of the plant closings and layoffs, whos buying? Investors — some of whom are snapping up five and 10 houses at a time.

“I have investors from all over the country and the world,” said Jeremy Burgess, co-founder of Urban Detroit Wholesalers, which buys undervalued homes to rehab and rent or to sell to other investors. “One Lithuanian woman just bought a second house.”

“Most of the local investors are out of money,” added Mike Shannon, who specializes in Detroit foreclosures and has clients from New Zealand, Australia, England and other places.

Recently a Californian purchased 178 properties, mostly one at a time, and most for under $10,000. Another has purchased six Detroit properties since September and hopes to begin buying five a month.

“The capital needed to get in the Detroit market is so low,” said Jason Imbruglio, a 29-year-old from Tacoma, Wash., who has bought three homes so far.

Two years ago, he paid $12,000 for a two-family house with two bedrooms and a bath in each unit. He spent $18,000 repairing it for a total cost of about $30,000. Imbruglio has kept tenants in both apartments most of the time and charges $1,100 a month. After taking into account the 10% he pays a management company, plus utilities, property taxes and maintenance costs, he says he is making double-digit profits.

via Investors bet on Detroit housing market, buy homes in bulk – Jun. 11, 2009 .

zyakaira notes: such arbitrage has long been camouflaging itself in the middle as American Enterprise. Last time we saw, it had affected US approach in Healthcare, Polity and even Big business. Arizona has even larger numbers of foreclosures. Even the stimulus money like all government schemes is obviously not reaching anyone as such price points are unlikely otherwise. This can’t help anyone. It is organised real estate hat has to change its colors and show responsibility in finding fair valuations and not such distress sales


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