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I offer online scheduling using BookFresh is a sister blog of and focusses on the US economy and the aftermath. It showcases the pain at AIG and C, the troubles and the tribulations of new acquisitions and governmnt holdings at WFC and JPM, as also celebrates GS and the other winners of the crisis. It shows the new way US must adopt and how the current spending spree implies cautious undertones well into 2012. Why one can’t write on the dealmaking one is part of..well because it is a deal and then only some because one can’t disclose client and deal confidentiality. But then a person who evaluates a blog writer for an executive position is anyway starting on the wrong foot.. The blog is just building a information base and does not give away his character at work, his business models or his work content necessarily.  We can analyse any industry current events and if you need, custom models to discover the truth


About zyakaira

Investment Banker, 40s, Bangalore This Biopic and this web recreates how one point of view, one person can impact a tremendous economic engine that the world thrives and mis-thrives on. This one has the knowledge and the civil sense , the art of conversation and some good writing to mentor others as powerful and help global managers develop and fine tune their approach on US markets, China, India and the world. Read on here, and let me know what you need. It can be a race for TRPs, a race for new markets and a race to do what is right. I have the pulse of the crisis, the recovery and the market direction and can help you build and refine your strategy as i have helped thousands of managers and multiple global corporations. Of course, it’s more fun if you talk to me. I am in favor of leading this moving of the economic crisis and will partner with you in a soft and subtle way, just the way we both ride to the top. But you can write with us, opine and just reply with aplomb and shine on Twitter , 4 square , Facebook and any other social “choupal” of choice via zyaadakairaada Profile & Portfolio - SocialPicks Different flavours at:

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