A leg of tweets .. Holiday season in the US 2009 & Bank results

Barack Obama is learning testimonial marketing on the ground for healthcare, clunkers are away and superbowl is already 2/3rds sold with Red Sox and Cardinals falling away to give a sticky brand even with fat expenses for Yankees, Phillies and both the LA franchises ( Dodgers – NLCS and Angels – ALCS, for the newbies)

In Asia, IPL has taken root, Champions League has shown the other Cricket brands in the Commonwealth and probably US has a couple of teams switching from Soccer to T20 Cricket this time :)

Closer to where it hurts, Apple is redesigning Disney retail ( one last time?) IBM is riding god knows what hopscotch strategy, and Amazon and Walmart are getting ready for the holidays – some more would be shutting down this time in the face of retail discount wars…

Funding new infrastructure..a global imperative The new USA with new infrastructure « Obamanomics http://bit.ly/3kSJ2k
about 3 hours ago from HootSuite

Apple is not going to ruffle anyone as Windows 7 brings $MSFT back into the game (by the by, just to wake up your senses before dinner ..)
about 5 hours ago from HootSuite

Two-thirds of Superbowl AD inventory was sold/booked even before Week 1 of NFL..and there is six more months for the “new” network CBS
about 6 hours ago from HootSuite

Dow 10K definitely took its time coming! G’night all
about 13 hours ago from HootSuite

Gas sales ( At pump) down 25% from last year ( US, September 2009)
about 16 hours ago from HootSuite

car sales dropped 10% in september “After Clunkers” shock, October shd indicate holiday season
about 16 hours ago from HootSuite

$GLD up above $107..can it cross $115?
about 16 hours ago from HootSuite

Why is $CI getting such a great buy rating? One can’t believe the industry’s whitepaper of all things! The fool’s in goop http://ow.ly/un4a
about 16 hours ago from HootSuite

I am not so sure I got any follow up report of InBev’s amusement parks’ sale? A $2 billion business..
about 16 hours ago from HootSuite

Goldman Sachs $GS scored pretty much lower in Securities services and investment banking income in June ..a start of a bad trend? #Q3results
about 16 hours ago from HootSuite

The 0.9 t Balance sheet of GS could easily grow to $1.5 t by tonight :) as 713 billion is just investments with MTM 2b upped after reval !!!
about 18 hours ago from HootSuite

Will $GS follow $JPM into the emerging markets, and expand globally? $GS earnings could far exceed expectations of $4.24, JPM likewise
about 18 hours ago from HootSuite

$JPM Treasury and Custody Portfolio of $16 trillion likely to grow along with fee services of investment bank.. Buy to USD 60-65 in 2009
about 19 hours ago from HootSuite

And after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize! RT @barackobama humbled.
about 19 hours ago from HootSuite

Sign here! RT @barackobama Health reform just took a huge step—but the insurance lobby is.. Urge Congress to pass reform: http://u.nu/6jhi3
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$JPM reports restructuring with Jes Staley taking over as CEO at the $1.9 billion richer investment bank, Mary C Erdoes takes over at AMC
about 20 hours ago from HootSuite

$JPM reported a further $2 billion added to loan reserves and $3.7 billion in extra charge offs in retail, Credit card losses of $700 m
about 20 hours ago from HootSuite

$JPM and $GS results of $3 billion profit may look very different if unrealised gains on their fixed income portfolio are not included
about 20 hours ago from HootSuite

$OIL at $75 looks precarious, $FXE looks well done at 1.50 Can equity look subdued after the banks have published “rosy results”?
about 20 hours ago from HootSuite

If the Chargers win today, they will likely meet the Blues for the next KITA motivation #clt20
about 20 hours ago from HootSuite

Welcome @hotshotsin to the Advantage zyaada fold @zyakaira @zyaada
8:13 AM Oct 14th from web

Gyancafe follows http://advantages.us/brands for updates on Sports Marketing, IPL and social media #clt20
7:48 AM Oct 14th from HootSuite

By @zyakaira Cape Cobras meet Victoria Bushrangers in the Super League Kickoff #CLT20 Sad day for Wayamba and Sussex #clt20
7:48 AM Oct 14th from HootSuite

By @boutred :ask for analysis CIT debt swap struggles, bankruptcy looms: NEW YORK (Reuters) – CIT .. http://bit.ly/9hApR @zyaada
7:47 AM Oct 14th from HootSuite

Wonder how soon we can extend the IPL club brands to Cape Cobras and the Sydney Blues ( sponsor the SA/CA teams) #CLT20 #ipl


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  1. And also , the Superbowl with CBS is already sold more than 90% only MVP trophy ( with GM out) and Q4 30 minutes available. Hyundai has 4 30s spots and all the 30s are sold out.

  2. Ofcourse NBC made $209 million from the Superbowl 43, may not be repeated this time

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