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Blackrock launches new Bundling? |

zyakaira notes: Just more old wine..I just prefer all markets on ECNs with afterhours mean they need a platform to sit and match trades internally before going to market! UGGGHH!

BlackRock, the asset manager poised to become the world’s largest money manager with $3,000bn under management, is preparing to create its own global trading platform – a move that could challenge the business at the heart of many Wall Street groups.

BlackRock plans to develop a “new world-class global trading platform across the firm”, according to an internal memo seen by The Financial Times. It has appointed Minder Cheng, who is joining BlackRock as part of its acquisition of Barclays Global Investors, to oversee its development.

The platform will “fully realise the cost efficiencies and trading opportunities across all asset classes as we become one of the largest trading operations in the world”, the memo states.

Once BlackRock’s acquisition of BGI is completed sometime in December, the group will have about $3,000bn in assets under management.

The plan is still in its early stages, but its outlines are already clear. If some BlackRock clients are selling a security and others are buying, the group can “cross” those trades internally without going through Wall Street. BlackRock does not intend to take any fees for this service, since the whole point is to save its clients money, according to people familiar with the plan.

“Why pay such a large bid-offer spread?” another person familiar with the plan said, referring to the price gap between buyers and sellers. “The large volume gives BlackRock the opportunity to bundle trades.”

The plan will probably be first introduced for trading in stocks, where pricing is more transparent than in fixed income.

BlackRock executives have insisted that their plan is not meant to marginalise Wall Street, adding that the firm will still depend on banks to provide liquidity. But the new platform does serve as a sign that the buy side is increasingly flexing its muscles when it comes to paying fees to trade securities that often have very small margins and rely on large volumes to achieve profitability.

The high costs of developing new technology have hindered other attempts to develop such platforms. But BlackRock Solutions has been a pioneer in developing technology, which generally has been the province of the sell side. But now that is no longer an obstacle, these people add.

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Burger King’s Brand Image Strategy = Controversy


In an effort to keep making horrible ads that have nothing to do with whatever Burger King’s brand identity is they’ve come out with this pile of crap:

Let’s not forget their past insulting work here, Mexican get sizzled, and here, Slap that booty.

Obviously the only branding strategy Burger King can come up with is to be controversial. Brilliant.

So I’m out of the Burger King loop. They obviously want people in the business to write negatively about them because what women is gonna run out and buy this sandwich now? And do men really think they’ll get a blow job? No, the only thing Burger King wants is press, so stop giving it to them, they don’t deserve it.

Ads are meant to do one thing…sell product, period.

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Railroads, bridges, airports and ETFs

Countries worldwide are dedicating vast amounts of  money to infrastructure spending over the next five years  and there are easy  avenues to prosper from this spending  with ETFs. A recent  white paper by Eric J. Gerritsen on  The Journal of Commerce Online provides a brilliant snap  shot of the infrastructure boom that awaits.

Eye Popping Numbers

According to Gerristen’s White Paper, the U.S. will spend $150 billion of the government’s stimulus funds on infrastructure. Other developed nations like Germany, Australia, Great Britain and Canada are all planning large amounts of infrastructure spending as well. In addition, emerging market nations such as China and India are planning to spend obscene amounts to get their countries into the 21st century. India alone is planning to double the number of its major international airports in the next decade. China also is planning very aggressive airport development. This is not to mention countries like Chile rolling out new roads, schools and stadiums with their $4 billion infrastructure plans and Brazil’s $212 billion spending on railways, roads and airports.

ETF Opportunities

On June 19, 2009 iShares rolled out an Emerging Market Infrastructure (ticker EMIF) fund to join Powershares Emerging Markets Infrastructure Fund (ticker (PXR) in the same space. Additionally, for those not willing to go the emerging markets route take a look at iShares Global Infrastructure (ticker IGF) or SPDR/FTSE Macquarie Global Infrastructure Fund (ticker GII).  Obviously, the need for infrastructure in the developing world is much greater than the developed world and hence provides an extraordinary opportunity.  Keep in mind though that the U.S. has done very little infrastructure spending in the last 40 years and also presents some great opportunities.

No chart for iShares Emerging Market Infrastructure (ticker EMIF) as it is one day old

Powershares Emerging Markets Infrastructure Fund (ticker PXR) is well above its 200 day EMA

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